Tsumago ⇔ Magome We transport your luggage

Travel light and walk the Nakasendo road!!

Availability : 3/20~11/30 (Everyday)

Time of Receipt: 8:30 AM~11:30 AM (Tsumago Information Center)
⇒ 13:00 PM (Magome Information Center)

Price : ¥1,000 per luggage.

Reception Centers 
◆ Tsumago Information Center   TEL 0264・57・3123
◆ Otsumago Minshuku Koshinzuka  TEL 0264・57・3029
◆ Magome Information Center   TEL 0573・69・2336

< Bell for bears >
The deposit fee for
1 bell = \1,500

1. You can get the bells either at the Tsumago or Magome information offices.
2. You will receive the deposit back when you return the bell.
* We hope that you will use these bells
to help us keep the bears off the hiking trails.

Luggage Forwarding from Tsumago to Kiso

Japan Post offers a convenient same day service which forwards your luggage from Tsumago to your accommodation in Kiso/Kiso-Fukushima.

  • ◆ Delivery address must be an accommodation in Kiso/Kiso-Fukushima
  • ◆Price is usually between 1,000 and 2,000 JPY depending on size, payable on spot
  • Weather and other unforeseen conditions may cause a slight delay in delivery

Luggage forwarding can be arranged by the two following methods:

a) Arranged by Innkeeper

  • ◆ Notify your Innkeeper before 8:00am on day of delivery
  • ◆ Available on weekdays and Saturdays (occasionally available on Sundays or national holidays. Please check beforehand for availability)

b) Arrange yourself at the post office

  • ◆Tsumago Post Office located a short 1-minute walk away from Tourist Information Office.
  • ◆ Present luggage at post office before 10:00am
  • ◆ Available only on weekdays